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Countashot System

Countashot - 21st Century Weapons Monitoring

Countashot is a new, incrementally variable electronic data capture system that records, stores and displays real-time read-out of each shot discharged by a firearm, allowing the operator to instantly know how many rounds they have fired, when the firearm requires reloading and the lifetime usage of the firearm.

Countashot has a memory capacity of 400,000 events and is capable of distinguishing between dry-firing, rough-handling and actual ammunition discharge using its patent pending technology.

The data stored can be downloaded for analysis to a personal computer. Two way communication between the operator and Countashot allows the system to be upgraded for support to additional data retrieval functions and customization to the users specification.

Countashot automatically resets itself to the default round capacity preset by the weapon's operator and can be mounted on any existing firearm regardless of calibre.


Specification (Imperial/Metric)

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