9mm Lever Release Rifle Builder

9mm Lever Release Rifle Builder
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* Lower:
* Grip:
* Upper:
* Charging Handles:
* Trigger:
* Bolt Release Lever:
* Buffer Tubes:
Action Plates:
* Stock:
* 9mm Barrel:
* Handguard:
* Optics:
* Magazine:
* Front Sight:
* Rear Sight:
* Magazine Release:
* Safety:
Extras & Upgrades:

Brand: Southern Gun Company
Product Code: GB-9MM-LR
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This is our new gun builder for our 9mm lever release rifle, please give it a try and assemble your ideal rifle. 

More details and specifications to follows. All prices set at £0.00 are yet to be set. 


Calibre 9mm
Action Type Lever Release

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